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Since May 2006, The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a library of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ poetry, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets. Welcome to the project's blog . . . Our Itinerant Poetry Librarian lives wherever her library is - come join the cause!

FAQs: • Yes we carry our entire life and the library with us as we go • Yes, it is quite heavy • No, we're not mad. As Charles Simic said, 'But what if poets are not crazy?' That's the spirit boyo!

We exist to: remind people of the importance of free public libraries...subvert mainstream channels of distribution...remind people that access to knowledge should be free and not dependent upon economic wealth hierarchies... show people that poetry/art can provide answers to questions we ask of life...experiment in existing outside of 'the market' – thereby, instead, investing in social capital, social innovation and community.

We aim to make life taste better. Word.

Where have we been . . . ?

(2006) Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, London, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Norwich, York, Antwerp, (2007-2008) San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Leipzig, (2009) Ulm, Chemnitz, Rotterdam, Huntingdon, Callander, (2010) Cork, St. Andrews . . . Where'd you like us to go? Can you help? Get in touch!

What We Are Up To Right Now . . .


Thursday, 6 July 2006

Vienna Rocks Tha Poetry Library . . . seven new members at Cafe Wuk

P.S.We are jumping over to the DELI in the Naschmarkt tomorrow...oh look it is tomorrow already, so I guess I mean today, Thursday 6th. This is instead of Cafe Leopold. We did them already peeps, we want some new environments and bodies to sign up and experience, so head on over to this place instead of what we told you before. We will be there, er, maybe in like 9 hours if we go to bed now. Unlikely. Let’s say from 1pm - 8pm or until we give up. Last chance Library Viennese dudes!

One Poetry Library installed at Cafe Leopold, MuseumPlatz1, Vienna

One batch of gratuitous toilet graffiti in Vienna

One sign which indicated all our stops. Nice.

One Librarian viciously stamping at her library installation on Wednesday 5th July in Cafe Wuk, Vienna

One Viennese citizen decides she should read her ByeByeLaws after being warned of potential consequences of breaking them

More Viennese Library Members

A Tired Librarian photographically taken advantage of by her couchsurf host

More Viennese residents sign up!

Oh yeah. Ever seen a toilet from a nuclear bunker? This is it from the wonderful nuclear bunker bar in Prague!

At the end of a long Poetry installation day in Vienna, we’re still good to go!

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