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Since May 2006, The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a library of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ poetry, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets. Welcome to the project's blog . . . Our Itinerant Poetry Librarian lives wherever her library is - come join the cause!

FAQs: • Yes we carry our entire life and the library with us as we go • Yes, it is quite heavy • No, we're not mad. As Charles Simic said, 'But what if poets are not crazy?' That's the spirit boyo!

We exist to: remind people of the importance of free public libraries...subvert mainstream channels of distribution...remind people that access to knowledge should be free and not dependent upon economic wealth hierarchies... show people that poetry/art can provide answers to questions we ask of life...experiment in existing outside of 'the market' – thereby, instead, investing in social capital, social innovation and community.

We aim to make life taste better. Word.

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Saturday, 10 June 2006

. . . woops we’ve hacked our blog in Berlin!

Yes, we‘ve been hacking our own blog and somehow have erm, gone a hack too far?! We‘re figuring it out, and luckily the cool dude we are staying with in Berlin happens to know all about this stuff and hopefully will help! Well, at least we made it to Berlin . . . we are spending the next few days inside editing the Ruigoord audio ready for our first podcast. Then we are allowed outside to explore. We do officially have our first library member though! Niko Topp who is providing accomodation also . . . thanks Niko. More coming soon. Especially the bit about unexpected massages in places you didn‘t want to be massaged - a full commentary on our Dutch Ruigoord exploits will be written soon! In the meantime, to keep you entertained, check out some great pictures of Ruigoord at Nippy Noya’s site. We are also heading on over to the BastardSlam tonight to check out the Germanic Poetic Innit and interview some more poets. This is what is going dahn:
MC: Wewalt Kosslowski, DJ: Wanja, Featured Poet: Anselm Neft. Mit: Micha Ebeling (lsd), Frank Kloetgen (Agrar Berlin), Udo Tiffert (zwei Texte), Felix Roemer (Agrar Berlin / Smaat), Paul Hofmann (pony hamburg)...

Here are some photographs of Ruigoord that Barry Fitton & friends took:

Entrance to Ruigoord Church

Hans Plomb introducing the Saturday afternoon poets

Barry Fitton reading on Zondag aanvang - Podium Kerk styleee

Erwin, De Antistresspoweet, who you‘ll also hear interviewed in our podcast

Georgia Scott accompanied by Nippy Noya

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